Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings

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Edited with Rev. Andrew Linzey

Hoping to revive an earlier interest in animal protection efforts on the part of the church, the editors have collected writings by numerous Christian leaders Aquinas, Calvin, C.S. Lewis, Albert Schweitzer, John Wesley, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, and more that span a range of attitudes on subjects like the problem of animal pain and the question of animal redemption. Some pieces affirm human dominance (the Calvinist view), but more endorse Victor Hugo’s “great ethic” that calls for deeper respect for creaturely life. Unusual and intriguing.

1988. Animals and Christianity. Co-edited with Andrew Linzey. SPCK (London), Crossroads (US).

2007. Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings. Ed. with Andrew Linzey. Eugene: Wipf and Stock.