Animal Experimentation: Good or Bad?

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Do scientists exaggarate potential benefit from their work? Do animal advocates exaggerate the suffering of animals? What, if any, regulations should society impose upon animal work? Is a compromise between animal advocates and researchers possible or desirable? Four essayists with contrasting views and perspectives reflect on the issues and dilemmas.

Published by The Institute of Ideas, whose mission is to bring fresh ideas to the public arena on the key debates of our time. The IoI aims to be an agenda-setting organization prepared to think the unthinkable and encourage others to do likewise. The IoI is committed to forging a space where ideas can be contested without constraint, and where the clash of ideas is recognized as integral to the process of knowledge expansion. Editor (from the Institute of Ideas): Tony Gilland Contributors: Dr. Richard Ryder is a high profile animal rights campaigner in the UK; Dr. Mark Matfield is the Executive Director of the Research Defense Society; Dr Stuart Derbyshire is an Assistant Professor at the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at the University of Pittsburgh; Tom Regan was Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University, author of The Case for Animal Rights.

2002. Animal Experimentation: Good or Bad? With Richard Ryder, et. al., Hodder and Stoughton.