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The myth of ‘humane’ treatment

by Tom Regan To outsiders, animal rights advocates look to be a strange lot. We don’t eat meat, avoid cosmetics tested on animals, and boycott Ringling Brothers. Drape ourselves in fur? Forget it. We don’t even wear leather or wool.

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Sentiency and Rights: Some Observations

By Tom Regan. Presented at the conference ‘From Darwin to Dawkins: The Science and Implications of Animal Sentience.’ Sponsored by Compassion in World Farming, London, England, March 17 and 18, 2005. Like many others here, I am a proponent of moral rights, including the moral rights of other-than-human animals. Moreover, as is also true of [...]

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Veg Voices: A Reading

By Tom Regan Ten years have passed since Reuters (the News Service) carried a story with the headline: “Study finds tainted, drug resistant meats common.”

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Criminalizing Vivisection

by Tom Regan Animals are used in laboratories for three main purposes: education, product safety testing, and experimentation, including medical research. Unless otherwise indicated, my discussion is limited to their use in harmful, nontherapeutic experimentation or research (which, for simplicity, I sometimes refer to as “vivisection”).

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Why Sex With Animals Violates Their Rights

by Tom Regan In 1975, Peter Singer published Animal Liberation. The book was (and continues to be) heralded by many as the “bible of the animal rights movement.”

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