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The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism

By Tom Regan Tom Regan (1938- ), professor of philosophy at North Carolina State University, first published his classic “The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism” in 1975. In his subsequent book All That Dwell Therein (University of California Press, 1982), he tells us that he deliberately wrote the piece in a “G. E. Moorish,” analytical style [...]

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But for the Sake of Some Little Mouthful Of Flesh…

By Tom Regan Most people like animals. Cats and dogs are favorites. But the good feelings many people have for whales and dolphins, baby seals and elephants show that even wild animals can come within the mantle of our affections. Animals don’t have to live with us to be liked by us. Children reveal how [...]

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Animals Are Not Our Tasters

WE ARE NOT THEIR KINGS. By Tom Regan Heaven forbid that we should do to humans what now is being done to other animals. But heaven help us to stop doing these things to these animals. The last thing animals need are new reasons for exploiting them. They have already been drowned enough, shocked enough; [...]

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