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Veg Voices: A Reading

By Tom Regan Ten years have passed since Reuters (the News Service) carried a story with the headline: “Study finds tainted, drug resistant meats common.”

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Criminalizing Vivisection

by Tom Regan Animals are used in laboratories for three main purposes: education, product safety testing, and experimentation, including medical research. Unless otherwise indicated, my discussion is limited to their use in harmful, nontherapeutic experimentation or research (which, for simplicity, I sometimes refer to as “vivisection”).

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Causing Animal Pain, Taking Animal Life

by Tom Regan Decent people everywhere oppose cruelty to animals. When it is inflicted on them at the hands of human agency, the pain they experience must be justified. That someone enjoys making animals suffer does not rise to the level of adequate justification. Just the opposite.

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Vegan Choice

In the invitation extended to me on this occasion I was asked to address vegan choice. Now, at least in my experience, different vegans understand veganism differently. Some are inclined to think of it as the name of a food choice: vegans are people who do not eat the flesh of other animals, but neither [...]

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The Future of Animal Rights

October 4, Genoa Thank you so very much Professor Battaglia for your kind introduction. Thanks as well to others who have made this event possibile, Antonio Monaco and Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, in particular. It is my great pleasure and honor to be here. It is always inspiring for me to be among people who are [...]

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