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The myth of ‘humane’ treatment

by Tom Regan To outsiders, animal rights advocates look to be a strange lot. We don’t eat meat, avoid cosmetics tested on animals, and boycott Ringling Brothers. Drape ourselves in fur? Forget it. We don’t even wear leather or wool.

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Why Sex With Animals Violates Their Rights

by Tom Regan In 1975, Peter Singer published Animal Liberation. The book was (and continues to be) heralded by many as the “bible of the animal rights movement.”

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Boycott Ringling Brothers

By Tom Regan If it’s February in the Triangle, Ringling Brothers must be coming to town. (Shows run from February 4 to 9. at Raleigh’s RBC Center). And (sure as rain is wet) Animal Rights Advocates will be protesting. Many circus goers have a hard time understanding what we’re doing there. “Get a life!” is [...]

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April 24th: World Day for Laboratory Animals

By Tom Regan During the past month, I was privileged to present a number of lectures on American university campuses. Half way through my talks, I always paused to ask, “Is anyone here from the media?” Not a single hand went up, which is par for the course. After all, my topic was animal rights, [...]

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Coetzee and the Animals

By Tom Regan With Martin Rowe When South African novelist J. M. Coetzee was honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature earlier this month, the world observed again a form of apartheid all too familiar to some admirers of his impressive body of work.

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