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Italy Interview

I have a variety of questions. Some philosophical, some practical, some prophetic. Is this all right? Yes. Sure. A good place to begin is to ask about speciesism. How would you explain this idea to people who are unfamiliar with it? I would invite them to reflect on more familiar prejudices, like racism and sexism. [...]

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Simple Life

Interview by Marcia Bindo When did you start being interested in the cause of the animal rights? I wish I could say I have always been interested, but sadly that’s not true. For almost half my life I had no animal consciousness, as I call it. Except for the companion animals with whom I shared [...]

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Brazil NGO Interview

When you began your animals activist action, could you imagine the way animals were treated? For half of my life, I did not know the full dimensions of the undeclared war humans are waging against other animals. My wife and I ate meat of every sort and description. When our children were born, we fed [...]

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Emptying Cages

Could you tell us a little about your personal “Road to Damascus” — your epiphany, if you will? Thank you for inviting me to be part of the conversation. Much as I regret to say this, I was a slow learner. As a boy I fished for fun and willingly dissected animals as a student. [...]

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Tom Regan on NC People

Circa 1987. Host William Friday.

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