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Giving Voice to Animal Rights

The Satya Interview with Tom Regan Tom Regan is a major figure in the animal rights movement and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University. He has authored more than 20 books, including the groundbreaking The Case for Animal Rights (1983). To foster the growth of intellectual and artistic endeavors united by a [...]

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Emptying the Cages

(Ark Angel) Hi Tom. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. In opening, could you tell us a little about your personal “Road to Damascus” — your epiphany, if you will? Thank you for inviting me to be part of the conversation. Much as I regret to say this, I was a slow learner. As a [...]

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For Liz Cherry’s Dissertation

July 2007 I whittled it down to just a few questions out of the tactics and strategy section. And then actually a lot of the questions still from the final section of my original interview schedule on the goals, successes, and challenges of the animal rights movement. So this first section is all based on [...]

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The Mad Cowboy Interview

The interview took place by phone in early August 2004 and was conducted by Howard Lyman’s Mad Cowboy. What are Animal Rights? Well, “rights” are claims to protection that we make regarding our most important goods: our life, our liberty, our bodily integrity. The protection of a claim, when we invoke our rights, is really [...]

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For Abolitionist Online

Margaret Setter talks to American philosopher, Tom Regan, about his latest animal rights book Empty Cages. Setter is a veteran of the animal rights movement, the feminist movement and the peace movement. Tom, you and I are almost the same age. While our individual backgrounds and life histories could not be more different, we share [...]

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