Category: Environment and Other Issues

Other Nations: Animals in Modern Literature


Click here to purchase the book. The world’s first anthology designed to employ the power of fiction to illuminate our moral relationship with animals, Other Nations boasts a superb collection of writings from writers of great distinction — including Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and Alice Walker.

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Health Care Ethics

These lively essays explore the controversial field of biomedical ethics and cover such issues as abortion, euthanasia, the treatment of incompetents, ethics in nursing, and the value of life.

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Earthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics

Click here to purchase the book. This important anthology consists of original essays that explore issues in environmental ethics. Some of the essays focus mainly on the interplay between the environment and the interests of today’s population while others place considerable importance on our environmental policies and our obligations to generations yet unborn.

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All That Dwell Therein: Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics

Click here to purchase the book. In All That Dwell Therein, Regan goes further than Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Firstly, he invokes the idea that all or some ani­mals may indeed qualify as rights holders, something which Singer ref­uses to do, since “that would be mak­ing a concession to popular moral rhetoric.

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