Category: Animal Rights

Animal Rights, Human Wrongs: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Click here to purchase the book. What gives an animal ‘rights?’ What makes product testing on animals wrong? In Animal Rights, Human Wrongs prominent activist and philosopher Tom Regan skillfully puts forth the argument for animal rights through the exploration of two questions central to moral theory: What makes an act right? What makes an [...]

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Animal Rights and Human Obligations

Click here to purchase the book. An overview of historical and contemporary writings addressing both the nature of nonhuman animals as well as our duties to them. Contains selections from Aristotle, Descartes, Aquinas, and Schweitzer; also, discussions of factory farming and the use of animals in research.

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Animal Experimentation: Good or Bad?

Click here to purchase the book. Do scientists exaggarate potential benefit from their work? Do animal advocates exaggerate the suffering of animals? What, if any, regulations should society impose upon animal work? Is a compromise between animal advocates and researchers possible or desirable? Four essayists with contrasting views and perspectives reflect on the issues and [...]

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All That Dwell Therein: Essays on Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics

Click here to purchase the book. In All That Dwell Therein, Regan goes further than Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Firstly, he invokes the idea that all or some ani­mals may indeed qualify as rights holders, something which Singer ref­uses to do, since “that would be mak­ing a concession to popular moral rhetoric.

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