August 2, 2014

About Me

Laura Moretti has been involved in animal protection for more than 40 years — first as an undercover anti-cruelty investigator for state humane societies, and then as an editor and designer of numerous animal defense newsletters and magazines, most notably the award-winning, international animal protection publication published by The Animals Voice (which she founded). She is also an author and editor of several animal defense books.

Laura’s second love is horses. She is the past Vice Presidents of Return to Freedom: The American Wild Horse Sanctuary, and the National Wild Horse Rescue & Sanctuary, which oversaw the rescue capture of 236 wild horses from the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in southeastern Oregon. Laura operates a small horse rescue in northern California (along with the rescue and care of a colony of feral cats who’ve arrived in her barn).

Laura is a web site designer as well. Some of her sites include:

Tom Regan’s Animal Rights & Writes

Jonathan Balcombe

The Pete Duel Memorial Site

David Soul Fans: Tackling the Issues